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How to get e-Pass issued by govt.?

All Myths Busted about the e-Pass

As you might already know, coronavirus or COVID 19 has created a pandemic which has made its effect known throughout the world. Today, millions of people have been affected by this monster, and the other millions have already lost their loved ones because of this pandemic. India, too, has become a victim of this disease and considering we have a population of 130 billion people, our administration and government have been able to keep it within much-needed control. This was partly possible due to a good awareness among the people and a strict and stringent lockdown imposed by our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji.

However, there have been many violations of this preventive lockdown, and law enforcement authorities have taken up strict measures to make the lockdown as effectively as possible. All the people, except the health care workers, police officers, sanitary workers, and other important front liners, have been exempted from this rule so that the wheels of our country can run smoothly during the times of such calamities. To ensure the free movement of such crucial workers and service providers, every state administration has come up with the idea of issuing an e-Pass, which will allow them to carry on their humanitarian activities without any kind of restrictions.

Still, many people are doubtful about the validation of such an e-Pass, and there are various questions which are arising as to how can a person get an e-Pass and who are the particular professionals who can avail one? In this piece of an informative article, we will be discussing some essential factors and clauses, which can help you to get a clear idea about the issuance and validation of an e-Pass.

Who can get an e-Pass?

All the Healthcare officials, police forces, Bank officials, essential food delivery persons, ambulance services, sanitary workers, manufacturing workers, and similar other individuals who are required for essential services can avail the services of the e-Pass.

Which governing body can authorize an e-Pass?

All the passes are regulated and authorized by respective state governments, and each one of them has the signature and allowance of local administrative heads.

How can a person issue you an e-Pass?

If you belong to any of the factors as mentioned above or have some important work during this lockdown, you can submit an application in person or send an email to the local authorities stating the reason as to which you want an e-Pass. After charging and scrutinizing all the requirements and particular documents, you will be issued an e-Pass for a certain amount of time within a restricted locality by the local governing authorities.

Can seafarers become eligible for an e-Pass?

Seafarers form an integral part of the society, who are responsible for bringing a valuable amount of foreign exchange into the country and run the wheels of the economy efficiently. So, although there is a complete lockdown throughout the country, yet, the seafarers on merchant navy vessels are continuously working and serving the nation to get all its required amenities.

Thus, to keep the wheels running, various companies and the Government of India have come together and streamlined the relieving procedure of crew from the merchant’s vessels through the ports of India.

Hence, if a seafarer needs to travel to any city for joining a vessel, he or she will be sanctioned an e-Pass by the Ministry of Shipping, which can be seen on their designated e-governance page. With the help of this e-Pass, they can travel through the borders of various states and reach the final port from where his or her sign-on is about to take place.

How can you avail your E-Pass?

Once your request has been sanctioned by the administration, you can obtain a copy of your e-Pass from the local District Magistrate’s office, and a digital copy will be uploaded on your profile in the Arogya Setu app, from where you can scan it and present it digitally to various concerned authorities during your journey.

For State-wise application links click here.

Article by: Shuvam Majumdar

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