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Delta plus variant of coronavirus: Is this really dangerous?

India is on the surge of facing the third wave of the covid-19 virus now and the variant now worrying Indians is far deadlier than the previous ones. It is known to transmit rapidly at a whole new speed and can deplete oxygen levels by a great margin. The researchers have concluded that it is happening due to the new variant of the covid-19 virus called the delta plus variant.


What is the Delta Plus variant?

The double mutant variant or the Delta variant (B.1.617.2) was first found in India in 2020, and now they have started to mutate at a higher rate. This led to the formation of a new variant called the delta plus variant that transmits very rapidly and causes high oxygen depletion in the host’s body. There has been some evidence of the delta plus cases in Delhi recently, and it is concluded to be the most harmful variant of the Covid-19 to date.

This variant is acting upon the body of those who are already vaccinated by the covid-19 vaccine, so it concludes that they are resistant to the monoclonal antibody therapy. However, not many cases have been reported including this variant of the virus. So far, only 21 delta plus cases are registered in India in which 4 cases are infected after taking the vaccines.

Delta Plus and vaccine: Are Vaccines effective against the Delta Plus Variant?

Now, many people are doubtful if the delta plus and Covishield or other vaccines have any link or not. While the vaccine is not causing delta plus disease but it is not sure if the vaccines are effective yet. Certain research has shown that the this covid variant is very harmful and can transmit at greater speeds. The resistance power of this delta plus variant is still unknown. Certain reports show that this variant of the virus is resistant to the monoclonal antibodies, but this is not confirmed. Many researchers are finding out more about this variant every day to find out the effectiveness of the covid-19 vaccines.

Precautions to prevent the transmission

The Government has introduced certain guidelines that should be followed strictly to suppress the transmission of the virus to the least.

  • Wash and sanitize your hands in small intervals.  
  • You must take the vaccine. As it is the only option available for now to develop antibodies against the virus.
  • Wear a Face mask whenever you go out of your house.
  • Maintaining social distancing is the main key to avoid transmission.
  • Runny nose, headache, and sore throat are the main delta plus variant symptoms. If you or any of your close ones develop any of these symptoms, immediately isolate yourselves and prepare to get the RT-PCR test done.

Since delta plus variant cases in India are already on the rise and are expected tortoise even more with the incoming third wave in the September-October months, it is essential to equip yourself with the entire knowledge of this variant. Hopefully, this article was helpful in clearing some of your common doubts about the delta plus variant of Covid-19.

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