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Types of warts and treatment related to them

A wart is a certain type of local growth in the skin which is caused by one of the rarest viruses known as HPV. The HPV stands for Human papillomavirus and the infection caused by it is the main reason behind the forming of the wart at various points of the body. If we talk about these viruses, then they are of 100 types. Different viruses cause different infections. Some of the viruses cause genital and oral mucosa infection, while others are responsible for common wart problems that could not become cancerous. The worst thing about warts is that, if any member of the family has generated it, it is likely to spread among others too. Also, they do not affect just one part of the body; rather, they spread very quickly amongst the whole body. The supreme reason for wart formation is a genetic problem. Let us now discuss more in the sections below.

Types of warts

If we talk about the type of warts that could be formed in one’s body, then they are 3 in number. All of them are listed below with a short description of them.

  • Plantar Warts

If there is a formation of flesh-colored or whitish colored lumps on the outer layer of the skin, then they are plantar warts. These warts could also be recognized by the blood vessels that are there as tiny black dots on these lumps. The most common area of the formation of these warts is our foot. In the foot area too, these warts are formed in the soles.

  • Genital Warts

This is the second and the most dangerous category of warts. Genital warts mainly appear on the private parts of our body. One could notice the formation of warts on the anus or vagina. In appearance, they look like small flesh-colored balls. When you separate the tiniest part of the cauliflower from the flower, the residue we get might not be seen with our naked eyes. The genital warts are of the same type. The level of their danger could be understood by the fact that they grow in the group of 3-4 balls and then spread up very quickly. They are not painful, but they may lead to bleeding and itching. If you look at the records, then HPV infection is mostly caused by sexual transmission. This is the infection that leads to cervical cancer. With these facts, you must have understood why it is called the most dangerous type of warts.

  • Flat Warts

If any wart is formed on the body of a teenager, it certainly would be Flat warts. These types of warts could not be found in adults. A question could arise here that, how we could recognize that the wart that is being formed on the body is a flat wart. So, the signs of a flat wart are that it will be flat, smooth, and small in size than normal warts. Another symptom of this category of warts is that it generally comes on your face. If the patient is a female, then these warts could appear on foot too.

Treatment for warts

Generally, warts formed on the skin could get removed even if they are not treated. In most of the cases, they are harmless, and one should not bother about them. However, if you have noticed the warts generation on your vaginal areas, then you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. Now there are a lot of options to treat such warts that are dangerous. Few of them are listed below.

Cantharidin treatment

If cantharidin along with the beetle leaf extract is applied on the affected area, then it could form a blister around warts. After the mixture is applied on the skin, it is sealed with a bandage. Once the bandage is applied, it is left for quite some time, and the wart is lifted off the skin.

  • By freezing the area

In medical terminology, this particular procedure is called Cryotherapy. Freezing spray products are used. If you go to the doctor and he or she treats you, then liquid nitrogen would be used for the entire process. If you are doing this process at home, the temperature should be at the lowest. However, if this process is conducted at home, the effect would not be the same. The reason for this that the spray you are using would not be able to freeze the skin in the way it should be done. When the treatment works, a blister is formed around the area of warts, and the dead skin falls off.

  • Salicylic acid

The treatment that is done with the help of Salicylic acid is called over-the-counter treatment. It comes in the form of gel, pads, and ointments. To get rid of warts, one needs to apply it on the affected area regularly. With the regular use of these gels or pads, the wart tissue is dissolved by the acid. A day comes when the wart falls down the skin. This may take a few weeks to work and to show the final result.

  • Surgery

After all the treatments mentioned above, if the warts are still there, surgery could be considered as one of the options. The doctor, via surgery, cuts the skin of the affected area. To stop the growth of warts shortly, the base of it needs to be destroyed forever. This could be done by a surgical needle.

  • Laser treatment

Last, but not the least option to be considered, is the laser treatment. The beam of laser light could be inserted inside the skin, and then the root of the wart could be destroyed permanently.

Warts, if not taken care, could be very dangerous. So, the moment you notice it, go to your doctor and talk to him about it. In the case of genital warts, the patient should not show any carelessness, unless it would become a life-threatening disease.

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