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Coronavirus – All You Need to Know About this Dangerous Virus

Coronavirus, the word we are hearing everywhere for a week or two. Whether scrolling the news feed of our social media handles or watching the Television to listening RJ’s on their radio shows, the trending topic is the Coronavirus. To date, you might have deeply known what Coronavirus is, and this guide will tell you the precautions you need to take to save yourself from Coronavirus, symptoms of Coronavirus, and many more things.

It is assumed that eventually, you will be getting aware of much beneficial information that can help you to refrain yourself from doing those actions through which coronavirus can attack you. Because coronavirus is spreading like fire, the proper cure of it has not been discovered, but yes, you can stay away from it by just keeping yourself and your surroundings clean.

If you will that the people around you are coughing or having a fever, then these are the signals and symptoms of Coronavirus. The first thing you need to do in this case is to suggest them to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Without digging into the deep information, let us start with what is Coronavirus.

About Coronavirus:

Abbreviated as CoV, Coronavirus is not a single virus, but it as a school of viruses that, when attacks, a human body makes the body ill, and human beings start suffering from various symptoms of Coronavirus such as suffering from cold, cough, fever and weakness. These were the initial diseases a human being suffers through, and if the treatment is not done on time, it can also cause few dangerous diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which can result in death.

When the era of the 1960s was going on, Coronaviruses was first discovered, the very first coronavirus was found into chickens, and after that, two were founded in human beings. Since then, it is spreading into the world, but it never got spread into such a higher level like today. Similar to coronavirus, there are few other similar diseases such as HcoV NL63, HKU1, SARS-CoV, and more.

Symptoms of Coronavirus:

Beneath listed are the symptoms of Coronavirus. If you think that all these symptoms are observed in you, then you should not waste any more minutes and visit your doctor for the test of Coronavirus. Remember to wear a mask and keep yourself clean.

Major symptoms of Coronavirus are as follows:

  • Fever – if you are suffering from fever for the last few days, then its high time to consult a doctor.
  • Cough – If it is a wet cough, then it is not a big problem, but if it is a dry cough, then you should not take any kind of risk.
  • Difficulty in Breathing – If you are having issues and finding some difficulty in breathing, then you should not ignore it and instead consult a doctor.

Mentioned above are the major symptoms of coronavirus that can happen.

Precaution for Coronavirus:

Follow these things to keep mark yourself save from coronavirus attack:

  • Keep yourself clean, bath daily.
  • Drink hot water.
  • Wash your hand after every meal.
  • Use a sanitizer to clean your hands if you touch random places.

Take care and keep a distance from people who are ill. This is the simplest solution you can implement on yourself because, until now, there is no medicine, so applying these natural ways can really help.

If your kids go out for playing, change their clothes as soon as they enter the home, try no to send them to school for a few days until this coronavirus fades away. Do not eat outside food, eat healthy, and eat food cooked at home only. Eat healthy and stay healthy.

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