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Corona Vaccine Registration – COVID 19 Vaccine – CoWIN

India recently began its second phase of Covid-19 vaccination, and this time, the government is focusing on vaccinating more than 10 crore citizens. For this the government has launched CoWIN portal for corona vaccine registration. During the first phase of the vaccination drive, the ministry of health was able to give shots to over 1.5 […]

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Hydroxychloroquine – What it is?

Hydroxychloroquine is the tablet which is used to treat malaria, lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. It is available as a brand name drug Plaquenil. It is the prescription drug which only comes as an oral tablet. This tablet controls the immune system which might be over-active in some conditions. It is also being examined as […]

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Hantavirus: Do you know what actually it is?

Coronavirus, it’s the name that is running in everyone’s mind today. The whole world is struggling to discover some vaccines or solutions to fight against it. Most of the cities are lockdown, and the government of each country is taking several measures to save people from this virus. There are several other cases of flu, […]

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कोरोना वायरस से डरें नहीं, रहें सचेत

दुनिया भर में कोरोना वायरस फैल गया है, यूरोप के कई देशों में लोगों को संक्रमित करने के बाद अब कोरोना वायरस ने भारत में भी दस्तक दे दी है। कोरोना वायरस का कोई इलाज नहीं है, लेकिन डरने की जरूरत भी नहीं है, तो आइए हम आपको कोरोना वायरस के लक्षणों और सावधानियां के […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Medical News

Coronavirus – All You Need to Know About this Dangerous Virus

Coronavirus, the word we are hearing everywhere for a week or two. Whether scrolling the news feed of our social media handles or watching the Television to listening RJ’s on their radio shows, the trending topic is the Coronavirus. To date, you might have deeply known what Coronavirus is, and this guide will tell you […]