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New WhatsApp “Disappearing Messages” Feature


  • A new feature will be added that will automatically delete the messages in some time.
  • The feature will be named as, Disappearing Messages
  • The message will get disappeared in 5 sec or 1 hour.
  • Gmail and telegram also has a similar kind of feature

After introducing the feature “Delete for everyone” previously that allows you to delete a sent message, WhatsApp is here ready to offer a new feature, namely, “ Disappearing Messages”.  Initially the Delete for everyone feature allows you to delete a sent message within the time limit of 7 minutes, and later this limited was extended to 1 hour. In Disappearing messages, WhatsApp has introduced a self-destruct limit which means that the sent messages will be destroyed automatically in some time.

Disappearing Messages feature is currently under development, or we can also say that its currently in alpha stage. This feature is useful for the users while sharing a piece of important information on the social media platform, which they do not want to last forever. A similar kind of feature is offered by Gmail and Telegram also. The feature will be initially available for the group chats only.

How to enable Disappearing Messages feature

  • In the Group Settings, users can find this new feature of Disappearing Messages.
  • Once the Disappearing Messages is tapped, it will ask to select the time limit, after which the messages will get deleted automatically.
  • Currently, only two options are there viz.  5 seconds or 1 hour. You cannot choose any other time limit in the range.

When this feature is enabled, it will automatically delete the messages sent in the group(s), and no history of it will be saved anywhere.  This feature is currently available for group chats only, and maybe at the later stage it will be offered for Private chats also. If you want to try this feature, you can download the “WhatsApp Beta” version in your Android Smartphone. But, still there are chances that you are unable to use the feature as may be WhatsApp has not allowed the feature to all Beta users.

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