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Why you should avoid excess consumption of tea?

Side Effects of Tea

There is no doubt that a cup of tea makes you active and energetic. For tea lovers, tea is emotion, love, or a company that chills your mood from a hectic schedule. Whether there is celebration or sorrow, the only perpetual is tea in this world. Tea is one of the most wanted beverages in the world. There is also a variety of tea which differs from region to region and person to person. Each type of tea is full of many health benefits, but too much drinking of tea can be harmful to your body.

If you are addicted to tea, then look at the side effects of tea and know why you should avoid excess consumption of tea:

  • Enhanced stress and anxiety: Tea has caffeine, so taking too much of tea leads to anxiety and stress. An average cup of tea contains about 11-61 mg of caffeine. Black tea has more caffeine as compared to green and white tea. If you consider that your tea habit makes you nervous and tired, then you need to reduce your intake of tea.
  • Disorders of sleep: Drinking too much tea can also lead to sleeplessness and insomnia. If you are facing sleep disorders, then your love for tea is the main reason. The amount of caffeine in tea can impedes the melatonin hormones, which affects your sleep pattern.
  • Low nutrient absorption: Intake of too much caffeine can decrease nutrient absorption and slow down the process of digestion. Tannin is a component which is present in tea that impedes the absorption of iron from the food we intake. So, it is the reason you should not drink tea after taking a meal or with a meal.
  • Heartburn and bloating: Undoubtedly, your favorite cup of tea doesn’t make you feel comfortable. The reason behind it is the caffeine present in tea can exasperate the formation of acid in the stomach leads to bloating, heartburn, and uneasiness. Tea also results in acid reflux in the body.
  • Headache: People always drink a cup of tea with the hope that they will get relief from headaches. But, your habit of drinking too much tea might be lead to a headache. Excessive intake of caffeine in any form makes you feel discomfort. During fasting, this situation can provoke you.
  • Leads to dehydration: Intake of too much tea can result in dehydration. Drinking too much means that you also intake of more caffeine rather than the amount required by the body. Caffeine can reduce the capability of nephron for the absorption of nutrients from the food you eat. All this can result in dehydration and makes you feel constipated and bloated. This common side effect of tea can easily be suppressed by hydrating yourself.
  • Becomes an addiction: If you are drinking more than two cups of tea in a day, then you become addicted to tea. So, if you need to lower the consumption of tea or stop drinking tea, otherwise, you will face the harmful side effects of tea.

So, these are the excessive side effects of tea, which can cause many problems. Lower the consumption of tea to protect yourself from these side effects of tea.

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