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India chooses the next leader – Election results 2019 live

With nearly 8000 candidates on the run, the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 has already made history with the opinion polls and exit polls, strongly in favor of the ruling party. You can now catch the election results 2019 live through the many websites online.

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The election was conducted in seven phases across the country and has been a testing ground for many. In terms of the opposition, it is the first time they are contesting under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and the election will show how effective the move has been.

Prime Minister Modi is looking at a second term at his post and the fact his party, the BJP has taken a lead early on in the counting, emphasizes the future being a favorable outcome for him.

In simple words, there are many reasons for everyone to look forward to the election results 2019 in India.

Earlier the election results 2019 predictions showed that BJP with its allies will clearly cross the majority mark in a comfortable margin. Looking at the leads and wins so far, BJP is already showing a clear majority in more than 300 seats which solidifies their position, true to the election results 2019 predictions.

The road to election

The road leading to the election results 2019 in India saw many different and varied campaigning tactics from the ruling and opposition parties. With a total of 542 constituencies at stake, the election campaigning has truly been entertaining to say the least. Election results 2019 live is now the hot topic after the rancorous campaigning from both sides and the entire world is looking forward to the results.

While the ruling party emphasized on their strengths, with the attack on Pakistan being their primary defensive point, showing that PM Modi is the leader we should vote for. On the other hand, congress focused on the economy, farmer distress and unemployment as their pivotal points to argue.

With nearly 68% voter turnout across the nation, election results 2019 date India is finally here and it is time to know who will be leading the country in the years to come.

Contesting leaders

BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) , spearheaded by Prime Minister Modi is clearly on the lead. Prime Minister Modi is contesting from his Varanasi constituency, where he has already taken the lead to victory.

On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi leading the National Congress party is contesting from two places, Amethi and Wayanad.  While the numbers in Amethi so far has been not in favor of the Congress leader, the Wayanad constituency seems to be working in his favor. It remains to be seen what the election results 2019 live will bring in, as the day progresses.

Assembly election status

Along with the Lok Sabha elections, there were also assembly elections conducted in Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Odisha and Arunachal Pradesh and a few constituencies in Tamil Nadu. The counting for these are also ongoing along with the election results 2019 in India for the Lok Sabha.

You can now catch the live election results 2019 in India through any of the news portals like

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