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Eating Disorder and its types. How to treat eating disorder?

A patient with an eating disorder is known because of irregular eating habits or over worrying about their weight and size. A patient of an eating disorder either eats more food than his need or reduces the amount of food so much that it becomes a risk for his life. The disorder related to eating can happen anytime in life. But eating disorders in children and adolescents are commonly found. However, it is entirely possible to recognize and to treat eating disorders based on symptoms and conditions. But if it is not identified at the right time, then it can be fatal because of eating disorders and depression, anxiety disorder, tension is directly proportional to each other. These all are found in patients of an eating disorder.

Eating Disorder Types

Eating disorders are of various types in some eating disorders patient eats more than the required amount while in some eating disorders, the person eats less than the requirement. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Anorexia Nervosa: Due to this disorder patient runs away from food. He only wants to lose weight even after gaining 1 gram of weight; the patient starts getting worried. This passion for losing weight sometimes increases and can be injurious to life.
  • Bulimia Nervosa: The patient of this problem often eats high-calorie food. To digest the food eaten earlier, later on, the patient tries to balance it by doing exercise by vomiting after eating or by following a strict dieting routine. The patient is often ashamed of his size and weight, but when he sees the food again, he loses his control over food.
  • Binge Eating disorder: In this disorder patient eats lots of food in a short time like after every 1 hour, 2 hours, or half an hour patient eats food. Many times patient eats so much food even when he is not hungry after that he starts having physical problems. Patient with this disorder often has a feeling of guilt, dissatisfaction, disgust with themselves, and the problem of depression too. Disturbed by all these problems, he eats more food. By eating, he tries to find solutions to every difficulty in life. Many times if the patient is not treated on time, the patient many also think of negative thoughts like suicide.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Many people have a problem with eating disorders, which is not a big deal. Consult a doctor for the problem of an eating disorder. With the help of a doctor, you can get out of this disorder. As such, there are many treatments and therapies available for the problem of eating disorders. There are many applications also that helps you in staying healthy. But the problem of every patient is quite different. It is very important to remember this. Also, these disorders affect patients mentally and physically.

Therefore, doctors also recommend meditation and yoga to treat these eating disorders. The patients suffering from this disease also need the mental and emotional support of family and friends. Though due to these eating disorders patient becomes grumpy sometimes, so family and friends should remain with him and should support him.

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