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Loksabha Election Results 2019 – An awaited day today!

After two months of full-fledged campaigning and poll schedule, the final day has arrived when India will choose its new leader. There are only a few more hours to go before the declaration of the election results 2019 in India.

Counting of votes is going to start today sharp at 8 am in the morning. The election results in 2019 date India had already been declared before. People are already glued before the television eagerly waiting for the results to be declared.

The Lok Sabha elections 2019 is expected to create a new history with the exit polls and opinion polls, in favor of the ruling party. To watch election results 2019 live, you can click on the following links.

The Lok Sabha election was conducted all across the country in seven phases. This has been a hectic time for many as the pressure is high. Two parties that are standing in strong opposition to each other is BJP and Congress. While BJP is led by Narendra Modi, Congress is run under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi.

Considering the given election results 2019 live, Narendra Modi is quite confident about his party and looking forward to occupying the position of Prime Minister for the next 5 years. BJP party is already leading by a large number of votes in most of the states. By the end of the day,Modi is expecting the results to be in his favor. If the current status of the election results is concerned, it can be said that Modi is not very wrong about his expectations. But unless the final results are declared, we have to wait.

People have been waiting long for the election results 2019 date and now that it is here, the level of excitement and pressure is skyrocketing.

Election results 2019 in India is going to leave a special mark in the history of elections. There are so many reasons to look forward to the Lok Sabha elections this year.

Before the election results in 2019 predictions, we have already witnessed the immense support that BJP has been receiving from people. Looking at the current leads, it is clear that BJP is leading with over 300 seats. In other words, BJP has already crossed the majority margin. Considering the election results 2019 in India, there is hardly any chance for the opposition parties to take over BJP.

Elections 2019 So Far

The election results 2019 in India witnessed may ups and downs on the entire journey. But finally, we have reached at the end of it. We saw different parties trying varied campaigning tactics in order to get maximum support. We also saw opponents going harsh on one another. The journey of elections results 2019 in India has clearly been a roller coaster ride for both the parties and the people of the country.

There is no doubt that the journey before the elections results 2019 predictions has been really entertaining. In fact, it has been one of the most favorite topics in the country for all this time.

The fact that Modi has been defending India against Pakistan should be one of the main reasons why we should give our votes to him. For the last 5 years, Modi has acted as a good leader and we expect the same out of him in the coming 5 years.

With almost 68% voter turnout across the country, election results 2019 in India is reaching its end point. The time to unveil our leader is near and we are eagerly waiting for it to happen.

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