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5 things you can do to stave off boredom during the lockdown

India is under complete lockdown due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease – 19). During the lockdown period, we all are tried to find things to keep ourselves busy at home. It can be immense experience especially for people who spend most of the time outside.

Let’s discuss the things you can do to stave off boredom during a lockdown:-

Do home workout classes

While gym and fitness classes are shut down, so many are giving online classes. Fitness freaks can take online workout classes from home. You can enjoy online classes and spend some time. It also helps you to keep your body fit and healthy. It is not only about burning calories, but it can also stave off your boredom.

Learn a new language

Make use of your brain muscles by teaching up a new language you have always been interested in learning. Numerous online resources change in no time, depending on how much time you have to dedicate. The online application provides in-depth learning software in 24 different languages. If you have a significant role in mind, then you can search for online classes you may be interested in.

Do experiment in the kitchen

If you love cooking, then this lockdown will give you spare time to experiment in the kitchen. Some people are born chefs, and on the other hand, some people are strives to cook tasty food in the kitchen. You can try new dishes to cook or bake perfectly. Cooking provides you the experiment with different and healthy recipes and increases your skills.


Meditation is the best way to relax and de-stress yourself. In the lockdown period, everyone is stressed and anxious. So, meditation helps you to keep away from stress. You will stay relaxed and refreshed after meditation.

Learn to play an instrument

You can learn to play an instrument. If you already know to play, then you emphasized on better, you never too late to try. Playing music is the best way to keep you busy and refresh. You can challenge yourself, and you can set your own goals as to how much you want to improve yourself. In this period, you can get many online tutorials to help teach yourself.

We hope that these five things can help you to stave off boredom. There are many other things to keep you busy such as reading books, writing, photography, gardening, watch movies, and play games.

This spare time will help you in learning many new things.  You can make good habits while sitting at home. You can work on your hobbies for which you didn’t give time earlier.

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