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How to remain stress-free during this lockdown?

Nowadays, the world is suffering from coronavirus. The government urges everyone to stay at home for 21 days while the situation is frustrating. Staying at home for an extended period will be very tough for everyone. Lockdown time may give anxiety, stress, and panic to many people. In this article, we will help you to reduce stress and keep yourself busy and refresh.

Control on things that you can allow the rest go

During the COVID-19 crisis, we are striving control by buying extra supplies, disinfecting our homes, and washing our hands as even as possible. Taking precautions is important, but with continued anxiety in the mix, it is easy to slip into ridiculous behaviors, not even realizing it. If you get yourself in the market every two days with extra flowing carts, then you are panic-buying. It is right to stock up to fulfill your needs, but stocking up for long term go to waste.

Distract in entertainment

You can distract yourself from reality for a period every day in the form of books, watch movies, or TV shows. You can make use of online streaming services such as Netflix and amazon prime video. You can enjoy new films on the internet. You can watch your favorite TV shows on online services such as Hotstar. 

Social connection through phone calls or social media

Whatever the situation is, we always need our friends. Even many evidence shows that social connection helps you to reduce anxiety and stress. When you can’t go for a movie or dinner with friends, then social interactions through social media are meaningful. Try to connect them through video calls as face-to-face interaction is the best way to reduce stress and anxiety.

Try some relaxation techniques

If you face difficulty switching off from everything, then why should you not try some relaxation techniques? Relaxation techniques help you to settle at the end of the day. You can do deep breathing, which helps you to reduce stress and anxiety. It takes less time to feel you refresh and relax. There are several relaxation audio clips available on YouTube which keep you away from negativity.

Calming activities

It might appear that the world is revolving around only one topic at present.  Calming activities could give you a chance for many people to take a break from the news. There are many activities for which you don’t have time? Cooking, craft, sewing, knitting, puzzles, reading books, writing your thoughts, and gardening are some calming activities that you can try. Now, it is the perfect time to do all these activities. You can also work on the skills which you have used in the past.

As we all cope with the changes brought up by coronavirus, be sure that the feelings you are enduring are natural. You need to cope up with them in many ways. If you keep yourself busy in other things, then you can also easily cope up with physical and mental health during the lockdown period.

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