Surat fire incident: Takshashila Complex catches fire at around 3.30pm

Surat fire incident: Takshashila Complex catches fire at around 3.30 pm. Approx 19 students are dead in the incident when the fire broke out at a coaching center .

It’s the afternoon time on Friday when the massive fire at a coaching centre broke out in Gujarat. Approx 19 students were dead in the incident and many got injured. In the video below, it is clearly seen that some students from the coaching centre jumped out of the window to save themselves. The top two floors are engaged in the massive fire.

Warning: The following visuals are disturbing

Video By: News Nation

The reason for the fire broke out is still unknown and also there is no information currently for the students who jumped from the window are safe or injured or dead. There are several media posted on the social networking websites and the students of the coaching centre are in the age group of 14-17.

It’s around 3.30 pm when the two floors at the top of the Takshashila Complex got engaged in the massive fire. It is situated in the Sathana region of Surat, Gujarat as per the officials. The huge amount of smoke  has spread in the area and the local people had tried to help in the rescue process.

An official from the fire dept informed that 19 fire vehicles were sent at the incident place to control the fire. As per him there are many students who were successfully rescued and the injured ones are sent to the nearest hospital.


  • A massive fire broke  out at a coaching centre in Takshashila Complex.
  • Approx 19 students were dead and some students tried to jumped out of the window from the top floor to save themselves from smoke.
  • Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani released the order to investigate the incident and he also announced a financial help of 4 lakh rupees for each family who lost their child in the incident.
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