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Technical Glitch in WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram

The well-known messenger services viz Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram are experiencing some technical glitches. The issue seems to appear globally, but as per the reports from media and some tweets, it is discovered that the issue is mainly spread across the USA, Europe, and Africa.

In India, it is found that the stories on Instagram and the WhatsApp chat are working fine, and the issue is only with transferring any kind of media like audio, images, etc. These are frozen currently, and hence, the users are facing issues while viewing the status of other users also.

The users are able to share the files currently, but it can’t be downloaded on the other side. It is assumed to be a server bug that is acting as prevention from some threat. Facebook has revealed nothing over this as it is a bug or some cyber attack or why this happened.

It is noticed until 20:30 IST that each of the 3 messenger platforms were inactive for about an hour. On the other hand, the exchange of text messages is working fine. The news from various other parts including Zimbabwe and Scotland confirmed that Whatsapp is completely not responding in the USA and Europe.

There is no update officially about when this issue will be resolved, and the features will resume again.

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