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Odd-Even Road Rationing Scheme Announced Again

CM Arvind Kejriwal, New Delhi on Saturday, has announced that the third phase of the Odd-Even Road Rationing Scheme(Odd-Even Rule) will get active again from 4th Nov 2019 – 15th Nov 2019. As per the Odd-Even Road Rationing Scheme, the vehicles with odd numbers will run on one day and the ones which even number will run on the other day in New Delhi. In his statement, he added that the rule is not applicable for the women and they are fully exempted from the scheme. He also specified that the cars which are privately owned and have a CNG kit are also included in the odd-even rule, and in other words these cars are not exempted from the rule. The exemptions are made for the women in the following cases,

  • The car driver is women alone
  • All the passengers are women in the car
  • The women with children having age 12 or less in the car

As per the Delhi CM, this action has been taken considering the safety of women.

What about 2-wheelers?

On this question, the CM Arvind Kejriwal said that the decision on this would come soon, and a discussion with the experts is still in progress, and after consulting them the decision will be announced about the exemption of two-wheelers from the odd-even rule. (Odd-Even Road Rationing Scheme)


Seven-Point Action Plan

In addition to his announcement about the Odd-Even Road Rationing Scheme, he had also added an announcement about a seven-point action plan in the month of November 2019. This plan aims to handle the issues arising due to pollution.

As per this plan, in the national capital, each ward will consist of 2 environment marshals. Also, for the 12 areas which have a highly critical situation, a separate plan will be made and implemented for controlling the pollution. As a measure, Delhi CM said that the government would provide N-95 masks to the people in the month of November.

He ended his statement appealing to the residents of Delhi to avoid the use of crackers in the festival of lights, Diwali. He said that there will be a laser show organized by the Delhi govt. on the day of Chhoti Diwali eve.

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