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Feline Herpes: Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatments

Pets are always special and close to us. When they are not around us, we feel lonely, and so do they. This planet is suffering from global warming, and hence there are numerous varieties of viruses being developed that are not attacking only humans, but animals are also not safe from these dangerous viruses.

If any virus attacks a wild animal then, there is no guarantee about them getting treated. Still, yes, if your pet is getting attacked from any virus, then there are veterinary doctors available for them.

Today we will be discussing the Feline Herpes, a disease that is common in cats. In this guide, you will find symptoms of feline herpes, treatment for feline herpes,and much more relevant information related to the same. Cats are adorable, and if they are your pet, then it is your responsibility to take care of them. Because this infection is easy to catch, you need to observe your pet if there is even a slight change in the behavior.

Before we jump on to checking out the symptoms of feline herpes and what is the treatment of feline herpes, let us understand that what it is actually and how it happens to cats.

What is Feline Herpes?

The Feline Herpes – FHV, is a virus that is highly seen in cats. This virus affects the cat’s upper respiratory system (URIs) and makes the unwell. As the virus persists in the nerve cells, it makes the cats infected till the day they live. Some cats do not get affected by this virus for the long term,but some cats live with this virus for long.

Symptoms of Feline Herpes in Cats

If you observe beneath listed symptoms in cats, then it is high time to contact a vet doctor and take your cat for the test. Let us see what the symptoms of feline herpes in Cats are:

  • Sneezing attacks
  • Discharging from eyes and nose
  • Pink eye or conjunctivitis
  • Eye ulcers
  • Fever and congestion
  • Drooling, laziness, and depression
  • Squinting and lethargy

Clinical Signs | Diagnosis | Vaccines

Wondering what the clinical signs, diagnosis and vaccines are available for feline herpes? Find them here and get yourself knowledgeable about what you need to do when you find out that your cat is suffering from Feline Herpes. With the below information, it will become easy for you to identify the signs, diagnosis and vaccines you need to give to your cat.

Giving vaccine on time is highly important to your pets to save them from multiple diseases that’s why make sure you are not missing any important any vaccine for your pets whether it is a dog or cat or any other pet.

Treatment for Feline Herpes Description
Clinical Signs Oral cavity, sneezing, nasal discharge, fever, lethargy, laziness, depression.
Diagnosis The diagnosis of the infection depends on the age of the cat and how highly the cat is affected by the virus.
Vaccines Feline distemper vaccine is used by the vet doctors to protect cats for getting attacked from the feline herpes virus.

How is Feline Herpes Transmitted from One Cat to Other?

The most common ways of getting affected by the feline herpes virus are via contact through catfights or getting into contact with the saliva, mouth, or nose. Even if an infected cat and a healthy cat is drinking milk from the same vessel, the healthy one can get infected in this scenario. The worst condition here is if a pregnant cat gets attacked by this virus, then this virus can be passed to kittens as well when they are in the womb.

No wonder there are many medicines such as formula for feline herpesavailable on many e-commerce websites including Amazon, and one can buy this medicine after consulting the doctor. Make sure any medication you are buying for your pet is discussed with the doctor, please do not take the risk of giving random medicines without consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Feline Herpes?

  • Does an infected cat leave the effect of the virus on human beings?
  • No, not at all. This virus mainly attacks cats, and human beings do not get affected by it. Even dogs are on the safe side. So, you don’t have to worry about pampering your cat; you can do it without taking any stress.
  • What are the significant precautions for saving my cat from feline herpes?
  • The best solution is vaccination from time to time. It’s like the way a newborn human child needs vaccination to stay away from various diseases; something similar is with cats. If you take them for vaccination on time, this virus will not be able to do anything to your cat.
  • How can I make my Cat feel good?
  • Pampering, love, and care is the key here. Keep your cat clean, take her out, wash her eyes, keep the surrounding clean, keep the ambiance a peaceful one, and she will be okay.
  • Is feline herpes costly?
  • It is not that much cost-effective. You can easily get your cat treated at the vet clinic. However, you can choose a hospital that charges less if you think that the fee the doctor is demanding is high.

Take Care of Your Cat

We hope this guide provided you a good bunch of knowledge on feline herpes. If your cat is affected, we hope she will be fine soon, all you need to do is take care of your cat and take all necessary precautions to keep your cat away from feline herpes.

Keeping pets is not an issue but if you are taking care of them, and taking them for granted then it is really a bad thing and if this is the scene then you do not deserve to keep a pet actually. They are living beings like us and have all the rights to get a proper treatment if something hits them. Love your pets!

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