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Try the new exciting WhatsApp Dark Mode feature

Keeping the expectation of the users, WhatsApp may soon bring the dark mode feature to the Android app. According to reports before starting the blog, Facebook tracking themed development is currently working on battery saver settings owned social messaging app WhatsApp Dark. 2.19.353 beta version coming Android update. This new update is a step in the direction to continue setting the dark mode right for its users.

According to the invention of the blog, WhatsApp automatically activates/deactivates the theme based on the settings of your Android device. A set of battery saver selections also appears in the current version. Under this agreement, the application will understand the phone’s battery saver settings, and when running it in the application, your phone’s battery will be reduced by a certain percentage.

However, there is a catch for this update. As seen by the blog, this set of battery saver selection is only available for Android 9 low version users on your phone. An option is not available to the Android version 10 users. Instead, it will remain as the default system option on mobile phones running the latest Android OS. This means that if you work on 10 Android phones running dark themes, WhatsApp runs in dark mode on your phone.

What actually the dark mode is?

WhatsApp Dark Mode is a feature that has been in the news for almost a year now. The new battery leaked the official launch of some of the darkest “official” mode UI stores, but this feature is not open yet — almost every major applications such as Gmail, Google Chrome, and even Messenger Facebook. Now there is a dark mode, and we can wait now. Dark green can change color from WhatsApp default.

However, one solution is that you are not allowed to switch the colors of the Messenger app easily, and you cannot wait to get into the official roll-out of the dark mode quickly. If you are using an Android phone, then you should be running Android Q Beta on your device. On the other hand, iOS users must be on iOS 11.

How to turn on black WhatsApp mode on Android?

Step 1: Select Settings> Display> Topics> Go Dark

Step 2: Dark mode, same settings> About phone

Step 3: Scroll “Build Number” seven times, and tap on it below

Step 4: You will say a pop-up message; the choice of the developer is active. “Tap on overriding dark forces so dark you can apply apps to other themes.

Step 5: Dark themes can now hide chat WhatsApp, but wallpaper will change to enjoy full dark mode

Step 6: WhatsApp Settings> Wallpaper there> and you go good.

For iOS mobile phones, it is necessary that the device runs on iOS 11 or later.

How to turn on WhatsApp Dark mode on iOS?

Step 1: Settings> General> Accessibility> Display Housing> Reverse Color> Reverse Go Smart

Step 2: Now you have enabled dark theme in all applications on the device

Step 3: Android only, you have to choose dark or wallpaper WhatsApp chat thread. Any WhatsApp Settings> Wallpapers> Any

How WhatsApp allows dark themes on the web?

Step 1: Install Stylus Extensions – For Users of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Users

Step 2: Once you install the extension in the web browser, go to this link

Step 3: You will see a lot of colorful themes with dark themes, select “install style.”

Step 4: Return WhatsApp to the web and reload the page

Therefore, it is now. If you are using your Android or iOS device, then you can activate Dark WhatsApp mode by following the above steps.

Upcoming features in Whatsapp update

Self-destruction of messages

Self-destructuring WhatsApp features Messaging’s iconic Snapcat sending message. This destructuring message itself will destroy itself after a certain time. Also, users may be able to set a time interval for the message of self-destruction.

Multi-Device Support

WhatsApp can soon be used on multiple devices simultaneously. According to reports, WhatsApp will not be multi-reported when a user device registration support system such as Facebook tries to log in to another device.

QR Code for Add Contact

Contact one of the beta versions of the new features that send a message to bring the QR code to share the test. In this feature, a person can scan the QR code to add another user’s contact information directly to the address book.

Hidden status

With the next update, it is assumed that users will be able to hide WhatsApp silent status updates from the selected contact. To simplify this, the simplification process will be provided under a separate tab. Nowadays, if you see silent status updates on WhatsApp, feed below.

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