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Did you ever think of booking a metro coach? Sounds Funny? But it’s true!

Noida Metro Rail Corporation(abbr. NMRC) has come up with an exciting offer in which you can book the metro coaches for the celebrations, including birthday, pre-wedding, etc. This step of NMRC has made the residents of Delhi NCR surprised as it was true only in their dreams, and they are very attracted and excited towards this step of NMRC. This service was previously introduced to the public by Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation, Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation, and Rapid Metro(Gurugram).

Now, if you have in mind the plans for celebrations in metro coaches, then you must be aware of the charges too.

The price for booking a metro coach will lie in the range of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 per hour. The most liked feature of this initiative of NMRC is that you can book the metro coaches on any day irrespective of the working and non-working hours. In each coach, the maximum total allowed the strength of people  is fixed to 50, and this number includes adults and children both.

Price Chart for Celebrations in Metro Coaches of NMRC

There are various terms and conditions decided by NMRC for the bookings of Metro Coaches. These include,

  • Bookings should be made in advance atleast before 15 days of booking date.
  • The maximum numbers of metro coaches that can be booked are 4.
  • Bookings for the moving metro coaches can be made for operational hours only.
  • Bookings for the stationary metro coaches can be made for the time range of 11pm to 2am.
  • For the booking of the metro coaches, you are required to deposit a sum of Rs. 20,000 as a security amount, which will be refunded later.

What are the facilities that will be offered to you by NMRC when you book the metro coaches for your celebration?

For your celebration in noida metro coaches, you will be getting a center table for each coach, housekeeping services that include a housekeeping person and dustbins, etc. Additionally, you will get a supervisor from the NMRC staff for each coach, depending on the requirements.

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