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The Best Google Doodle Games

Google doodle games are the perfect way to pass the time. These games from Google have been created to reciprocate certain significant events or even mimic various fiction characters. Below, we have provided you with the best google doodle games list.


This is one of the most famous google doodle games. When you ask for statistics around the world, you will find that one in every five people has played this game as it was the first doodle game to be introduced by google. The maze of the game looks like the google logo, and all you have to do is go around the maze eating the dots. The final level of this game is 225.

  • Crosswords

Google recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of Crosswords by adding this game to their list of doodle games. Crosswords are one of the best ways to pass the time while keeping your brain active at the same time. To fill in the boxes on the puzzle, you have to figure out the clues that have been provided on the right side.

  • Rubik’s Cube

Everyone in the world is fascinated by the Rubik’s cube. While some believe that the cube can be used to measure the IQ level of an individual, to others, Rubik’s cube is just another way of passing the time and having fun. You do not have to buy a physical cube because it has been added to their list of google doodle games apk, and players can now play it virtually.

  • Pony Express

Another great google doodle game is the Pony Express. On the 155th Anniversary of the game, google added it to its list of doodles. To play this game. You act like a mail person who delivers mail from one point to another with the use of horses. You will be thrilled and have fun as you deliver packages around.

  • Basketball

Basketball is also available google doodle game download. If you miss the days that you would play basketball in the yard or at school, then this game will bring back the good old memories. To play this game on google is quite easy as you have to take shots the same way that you do in a real game.

  • Magic Cat Academy

This is a game that will help you be in more control of your reflexes. The game needs you to act like a Momo who tries to get rid of ghosts attacking the Magic Academy. You have to get rid of the ghosts by swiftly drawing symbols on the heads of the ghosts.

You do not have to stay bored a work or at home anymore. Just go to google and get google doodle games all of which are fun and entertaining to play.

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